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In the Fall of 1969, American Optometric Association (AOA) Past-President Henry W Hofstetter, OD, PhD and Librarian Maria Dablemont spearheaded the formation of the Optometric Historical Society (OHS) to protect and promote the historical legacy of the profession of optometry. Through its support of The Archives & Museum of Optometry, the OHS encourages the collection, preservation and exhibition of artifacts and archival material that document the history of the profession, practice, and science of optometry and the optical industry. The OHS also organizes speaking engagements for its annual Blast from the Past event held in conjunction with the AOA’s Optometry’s Meeting®  and other programming for the benefit and education of doctors of optometry. Finally, the OHS encourages the submission of research, recollections and letters to its quarterly journal Hindsight published in cooperation with the Indiana University School of Optometry and available through a free digital subscription or as individual print issues through the AOA Marketplace. The OHS and The Archives & Museum of Optometry are part of the Heritage Services program under Optometry Cares -The AOA Foundation.  All donations to the program are tax deductible.

Dr. Henry W. Hofstetter

 Dr. Henry W Hofstetter

Ms. Maria Dablemont

Ms. Maria Dablemont


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